Booking Codes

Important Note* Sports bet ticket building can be a huge task, what we provide you at 4kas is insight, we do not absolutely guarantee winnings. When you look at our 4kasted games, you get more insights.

Most times, it is just 1, 2 or 3 that usually cut our posted tickets/booking codes. Some lucky people who usually edit our tickets/booking codes win, some people are usually lucky to remove the ones that would have cut the ticket, while sometimes some people might not be lucky enough to remove the exact bad ones, but remove good ones instead.

So, luck is an integral part of this whole thing. We painstakingly book games everyday, most of them in middle of the night. Your luck matters a lot.

But relax, if is not your luck today, it will be some other time. Money you loose to bet9ja is not a lost. Its a fixed deposit, one day, it will all come back to you in great folds.

Learn how to edit booking codes after you have played it the way you received it.

There Are Currently No Booking Codes Available...